Free speech isn’t a first world problem

Social justice warriors. We all hate em.

When a feminist sjw whines about video-game characters being too sexy (objectification!), or that the word “bossy” is preventing girls from otherwise pursuing successful business careers, or that girls just have to care about their appearance, we get annoyed.

In response to these outlandish complaints, people say things like “Don’t you know girls in the Middle East aren’t even treated like people? Women here have it so good that the only problem they face is that men are allowed to be hairy while women aren’t! That’s just a first world problem, you privileged cunt.”

Now, while I understand perfectly why someone might say this, I have to disagree. I don’t disagree that the social justice warrior saying this is a privileged cunt, but I do disagree with the characterization of their concern as a first world problem.

While the first world problem is considered a satirical concept, to me there are things that are genuinely first world problems.

For example, the falcon wing doors on Richie Mc Rich’s brand new Tesla Model X don’t work. Now, this is a problem that only happens in the first world to the affluent who can afford the Model X. But is it still a problem? Yes!

On the other hand, videogame characters objectifying women? Dude, characters in video-games are literally objects. The whole point of objectifying videogame pixels is so you don’t do it to real people, that’s what simulations are for!

“Bossy” preventing you from becoming a great female leader? The bare minimum requirement for a great leader is to have at least thick enough skin to handle someone calling you bossy, and maybe have the capacity to introspect and maybe you’ll find that someone called you bossy because you’re micromanaging too much, which is something managers- regardless of sex- shouldn’t do.

“Men are allowed to be hairy” uh no, both sexes are allowed to have as much or little hair as they want. Don’t wanna shave? Many women don’t. Want men to shave? Then tell men you like them shaved. Some loudmouth telling you to shave? Don’t listen to them!

Some scientist landed a probe on an asteroid while wearing a Hawaiian shirt with cartoon women? Non issue, fuck off.

“First world problem” is problematic (heh) because it legitimizes the issue. Think about it: Cancer isn’t a problem in Africa where the life expectancy is like twelve, but after everything is fixed: clean water, food, medicine etc, after they catch up to the rest of us, cancer will become their problem as well. Cancer isn’t a huge priority, but it has to be dealt with eventually.

Accusing an SJW of complaining about a “First world problem” is a “not as bad as” fallacy that gives Social Justice Warriors the illusion that their issues are important but simply on a lower priority level, when in fact banning words, banning hate speech, forcing the name of a sports team to change because you privileged civilized white sjws know better than the 90% of American Indian savages who are actually chill with it, going down the cycle of euphemisms and destroying the life of anyone who doesn’t use the trendy new one, making sure people don’t do cultural appropriation, establishing safe spaces that hamper press freedoms, shutting down speeches, making rape trials guilty until proven innocent,  etc are all really things that we should never do.

Free speech isn’t a first world problem, it isn’t even and will never be a problem, not in the space age, not when literally every other problem has been solved, not when we evolve into beings of pure energy.



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