Dispelling the myth: Most shooters are democrats

Darn libtards, always causing mass shootings with their liberal ideals! Of we just had some good ol’ fashioned family values, there would be no terrorism!

At least that’s the impression I get from right wingers sharing “majority of criminals are democrats” posts.

Now, nevermind the fact that the claim is based on a simplistic, skewed intepretation of a small study. What I wanna get into is why, why exactly are all these bad people democrats?

It is claimed that the Orlando shooter was a registered democrat in 2006. Several other shooters are also democrats.

Let’s start with shooters who are minorities. If I had to guess, based on the fact Omar Mateen (the orlando shooter)’s father was a crazy Muslim who said “god will punish the gays”, based on the fact Omar pledged his allegiance to several Islamic terrorist groups, I would dare say that on many social issues, Omar is in more alignment with republicans than democrats.

He may have been a closet homosexual, but he still hated gays, and he had cool guns. So why, despite all the red flags (get it?), was Omar still a democrat?

The answer: Because Republicans are xenophobic wackos.

It really is that simple. Omar may have considered himself a believer, but he did not believe in the Republican god. Muslims may be closer in ideology to fundie Christians than they are to secularists, but because Republicans are racists unable to see past the difference in skin-color and holy book, otherwise similar Muslims and Christians become mortal enemies.

And the same goes for black criminals. Violent black criminals may not know anything about politics, but they know (many) Republicans hate blacks, and that alone means that voting democrat can be an entirely race-based decision.

One party wants to destroy your community based on skin color and racial biases, the other doesn’t. Even though many blacks are again deeply religious and homophobic Christians, the conservatives leave them no choice but to vote liberal because the conservatives are goddam racists.

See when one party is so obviously insane, even a mass murderer has to get real and choose the better party, its as obvious as choosing Google over Bing, or buying a Japanese car.

Lastly, let’s not forget that republican/conservative shooters also exist – and in droves. In fact while the democrat shooters are often minorities who just happen to be democrats because they’re minorities and republicans hate minorities, the republican shooters listed are much more often motivated directly by conservative ideals and values.

Somehow, being the party that doesn’t discriminate against all Muslims (some of whom just happen to be jihadists) doesn’t seem so bad, compared to shooting three cops because they’re part of Obama’s evil conspiracy to take our guns! I wonder who gave the guy that idea?



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