If you hate Islam, then you hate Muslims

I don’t hate Muslims. In fact, I can’t objectively hate anybody, because as a determinist, I view all to be a victim of their upbringing, an innocent soul forced into a culture of violence and misogyny.

However even though I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam. And because I hate Islam, I hate Muslims.

What is hate speech? Hate speech is often defined as speech that causes offense. Criticizing Islam is of course, offensive to many, dare I say the majority of Muslims.

Regardless of how I try to avoid attacking those darn sand ni- uh -people (and can we just dispel the notion that all arabs are muslims? Because that is definitely insulting the intelligence of arabs, to suggest that all are dumb enough to believe in bullshit), regardless of how much I try to stay on topic, inevitably I will offend Muslims, and in this culture of political correctness, the only reason to offend someone is because you hate them.

I would be the first one to love it if criticizing Islam meant simply criticizing Islam, but because Islam is a religion and because religions are the core of religious people’s identity, no matter how you criticize the doctrine, the religious will take offense on the doctrine’s behalf.

So at the end of the day, I don’t care if I’ve disrespected Muslims, Christians, or any other cunts who take my criticism of their beliefs personally. I’m not the one unable to separate the ideology from the person, you are.


One thought on “If you hate Islam, then you hate Muslims

  1. I don’t know if this comment section properly creates hyperlinks, but the image at this link has been one of my favorites ever since the first time I saw it:

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