Avoid Acronis True Image

Two years ago I bought a Crucial SSD that came with a free key for Acronis True Image 2014. I didn’t bother to use the key because I had been using the freeware version of EaseUS and it had been functioning fine.

Recently on a different computer I bought another SSD and I figured, why not give this payware a shot? At least I wouldn’t have to deal with freeware EaseUS’ attempts to trick me into installing bloat!

So I start the install, and it appears the serial that came with the Crucial SSD was a “short serial”, so I had to go on their website and register an account in order to get the full serial.


So I do the hard disk clone with the new ssd in an external enclosure. Cloning works like this: true image reboots the computer into some sort of safe mode/its own operating system, and then does the clone, and shuts down the computer which boots back into Windows when you next start the computer. The clone process was completed, but then after installing the new SSD the computer failed to boot up because it couldn’t find an essential system file.

So I swap out the SSD again, and keep in mind this is on a laptop so I couldn’t just leave the case open or let the SSD rest/hang by the sata cable, it was a pain in the ass. This time again, true image reboots my computer, enters its OS and clones my SSD – and this is where things started to go wrong after it was done, I restart my computer because I wanna make sure all the files are in the new SSD before I swap them, and guess what:

It boots me into ATI’s OS and attempts to do the same task again! I click “cancel”, but it restarts and again attempts to clone the drive, you know that thing it just completed? I restart several times, it seems ATI has hijacked my system and prevented it from booting into Windows. Now I’m not accusing Acronis of being malicious, given that at this point they’re more like incompetent, it’s a BUG.

And you can say “but your software is 2014, maybe 2016 is better!” To which I reply what a load of CRAP, I don’t care what version it is, this kinda bug just ain’t supposed to happen. As I swap in the SSD with hopes that Acronis didn’t screw up the clone, I recall reading a review last year about how Acronis sucks, and remembered why even back then I didn’t use Acronis to clone my OS onto the Crucial SSD I bought.

Thankfully it seems upon first glance, that the clone is functional. However it remains to be seen whether the system is stable or missing files. I most certainly have promptly uninstalled Acronis at the first opportunity.

Also, remember when I used to write posts about computers? LOL


3 thoughts on “Avoid Acronis True Image

  1. Time to freshen up the Stop using h264 thread. Not much going on in there.
    But that that’s why I got on here: for encoding tips.

    I still use Ghost and I think that I can reasonably do a clone job to SSD if formatting in Windows first correctly. Haven’t gotten one yet.

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