Donald Trump is Manipulating You


Donald Trump owns the DNC, this is how he is able to spoof the entire country into voting for him come November! Don’t be fooled by the Democrat’s corruption, it’s actually all Donald Trump’s fault, because I have found an actual transcript of a call between Donald Trump and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) from the wikileaks files that proves this.

Trump: Help, I want the presidency but I can’t pander to both the Democratic base and the Republican base at the same time. Can you help me out?

DWS: OK, you go do your thing with the racist crazy republican base, entice them with the whole businessman persona, xenophobia and the advocating of war crimes, but mix in a few economic policies that reduce the outsourcing of jobs to underpaid slaves and bring industry back here. For our part, we’ll be super corrupt and hand you the election by making it as difficult as possible for any real liberal to vote Democrat. We will be so corrupt that some people will want to burn this whole thing down!

Trump: I’m coming! I’m coming! Thanks, this was great, you remind me of the first time I saw Ivanka, magnificent, it’s a deal. Say hi to Hillary for me, XOXO

What more proof do you need? By being corrupt and actively undermining Bernie Sanders, the Democrats are purposefully shooting themselves in the foot, just like Donald Trump does every 5 minutes. You know how stressing a muscle can cause it to adapt and grow overtime? Well that’s what happened to Donald Trump’s feet. He has the advantage of bullet proof feet, nothing ever sticks to him, and it seems the DNC is pursuing a similar strategy: by shooting itself in the foot, the DNC hopes to develop kevlar feet and be immune to criticism.

Even though the DNC did so much corruption, they are still better than a Trump presidency. The DNC has exploited the crazy, bigoted, obviously bad Donald Trump to condition voters to accept corruption as long as its from the lesser of two evils, and that is the only manipulation Donald Trump is doing.


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