The ASUS G751JY: A good period specific gaming laptop

The ASUS G751JY is old. Okay, its not that old, but it was launched in Q4 of 2014, with a GPU from Q4′ 14 and a CPU from Q1’14, respectively.

I bought this laptop in January, 2016 to use as a portable desktop, it is now September 2016, and over the 8 months it has treated me well.

I selected this model because I wanted a computer that was absolutely badass, but I also wanted to avoid paying the premium of getting the absolute best. And of January, this laptop was the sanest decision.

The price of this laptop when I bought it was $1500, untaxed since I ordered it from B&H out of state (sorry Comrade Barack Hussein Obama).

The G751JY sported a 28nm 980M – the best “mobile” graphics card there was, 16gb of ram, a 1 terabyte hard drive and a 128gb SSD for gaming and the OS, as well as the 22nm i7-4720HQ launched in Q1′ 15.

January 2016 was a funny time for gaming, as development of gaming cards had been stagnating. Nvidia had gone through an entire year without an update to its mobile lineup, which sounds bad until you consider AMD was doing even worse. Meanwhile, Intel had gone through 2 generations of CPUs: the 22nm Haswell as found in the G751JY, followed by the 14nm Broadwell and the 14nm Skylake.

Seeing laptops on the market with brand-spanking new 14nm 6xxx series intel processors combined with the same ol’ 28nm 9xx series maxwell cards (the 28nm process has been around since…2012 albeit starting with the 6xx series kepler chips) just felt wrong, it seemed like an unholy matrimony between some rich old fuck and a trophy wife so young she’s still 2 separate entities residing in two people’s balls and tubes.

Meanwhile, we also had “laptops” sprouting full size 980s in search of maximum performance – some even having TWO 980s in SLI, IN A LAPTOP – those were also absolutely outta the question, because goddam I aint made of money.

The ASUS ROG laptops seemed solid, even though the default warranty only lasts 1 year. The decision came down between the ASUS G751JY and the thinner, lighter and smaller Gigabyte P34 with 970M, which had dropped down to a very attractive $1200 price point and had a 2 year warranty.

But I had no use for its lightness since I have my ASUS T100TA windows tablet for portable uses, and experience with my previous Acer thin gaming laptop showed that cooling can be a bitch, and with these thin and light designs the laptop can get very hot, and at times force-shutdown to prevent overheat, especially if the vents are blocked. I prefer a shorter warranty I don’t use over a longer warranty I do use.

So I went with the massive 17″ previous generation ROG G751JY, and it has served me well. I’ve encountered 0 cooling issues, and since installing an extra 8gb ram stick as well as swapping out the 128gb ssd for a slightly slower but larger 500gb ssd (both do not void the warranty), I’ve had ample space for high speed gaming storage. Setup was a breeze compared to custom builts, although I did have a mini heart attack due to sh itty cloning software and improper ram installation (you’re supposed to insert laptop ram at an angle!!!), none of which were ASUS’ fault.

It’s also been on a trans-pacific round trip, and survived several ground moves in a targus rolling case (which I highly recommend if you’re gonna transport this thing), it has handled every game I’ve thrown at it like a champ although I’m still seeing sub-60fps frame rates due to the increased quality settings I feel entitled to now, and of course the 1080p screen doesn’t exactly offer the greatest screen estate compared to some competitors, but this laptop is great at what it does: a solid, down to earth, well constructed gaming machine and I absolutely recommend this laptop to anyone looking at a previous generation laptop: if you want the best mobile graphics chip of the previous generation and do not absolutely need the slight performance and efficiency increase of the 5xxx or 6xxx series 14 nm intel cpus, save on the premium and get this instead.

And even if you aren’t looking for a top-of-the-line gaming laptop of yesteryear, still consider choosing something comprised of period-specific hardware, just as there is no point in installing a modern SSD on a 10 year old celeron, there is no point in combining the maxwell graphics cards with the new 14nm cpus as there will be an obvious bottleneck in your system, and if you do you will feel weird, you will feel like a matchmaker for Jared Fogle, so don’t do it!



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