Today I learned this important info from the RA:

If you want to sign in a guest, remember that there are different policies for minorities.¬†Minorities cannot use tobacco or vote. That is because minorities lack the intelligence and judgement, because their brains are not as developed. If you have minorities as guests, you are responsible for them, as minorities are irresponsible by nature. It is important to make sure minorities stay in the back of vehicles, as minorities cannot drive, and the immaturity common among minorities can endanger everyone’s safety. Most minorities are incapable of decision making, some – I assume – make good choices.

And finally, minority is of course just a fancy way of describing a plural amount of minors, and imagine my horror to find that minority can actually refer to minors, its like wtf engrish why u do dis, is “minors” not already a fucking word, and why is it that minority can mean minor but minor cannot mean minority?

But then I realized I am actually correct as minority refers to the state of being a minor, not the person, it’s like you wouldn’t refer to a citizen as a “citizenship” would you, a presidential candidate isn’t trying to win over the citizenships unless he is president of the immigration club. You aren’t signing in the status of being a minor, you are signing in the person who is a minor, so¬†in the end I prove myself the superior grammar nazi, zeig heil!


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