“Trump leads Clinton by 3 million in popular vote if you remove California”


So while procrastinating, I came across this interesting piece of bold-faced flat out lie: the claim is if you remove California, and Trump would actually lead Clinton in the popular vote by OVER THREE MILLION! Original comment can be found here.

WOW! Imagine that: Clinton leads Trump by 2.5 million, but California is contributing a massive 5.5 million lead to Clinton! Kick out those retards, and the country goes overwhelmingly Trump-leaning, right? Except no, Clinton leads Trump by 3.4M in California, so remove it and Trump would only lead Clinton by less than 1 million in the national popular vote count…

Then I thought, who is making this shit up? After doing an undiligent google and youtube search, turns out, nobody dumb enough. Yep, just a random internet commenter making shit up again, except from the 6 likes as of this post, 6 people believe this shit, and are those 6 people gonna quote off this “fact” on the next video they come across?

You bet.

It’s lies like these that likely contributed to Trump’s win.



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