I am Honored to announce that I am officially blocked by Stefan Molyneux on twitter.


It came to my attention that a bunch of bastions of journalism such as the “washington examiner” interpreted SB 1322, California’s new law that doesn’t jail victims for sex trafficking for prostitution (DUH) as “legalizing child prostitution”.


Even The Blaze doesn’t stoop so low as interpreting this as “legalizing child prostitution”.

Stephan Molyneux and a bunch of brain damaged assholes decided obviously this means that its legal to pay kids for sex now, right? Oh no, how depraved!


Go pay a kid for sex in front of cops then, Stefanie. I fucking dare you.

Demonstrating a full awareness that he was intentionally misrepresenting the bill, Stefan explains that when he said “California Democrats legalize child prostitution”, what he really meant was “if child prostitutes aren’t punished then it incentivizes their recruitment”.


There is no logical equivalent between the two statements. The fact is that even if recruitment of child prostitutes might increase (it does precisely the opposite since the whole intent of the law is to make it easier for the kids to snitch), child prostitution IS STILL ILLEGAL, and cops can still interfere to stop a kid from blowing someone. This is the most basic of logic and Stefanie dares call herself a “philosopher”.


Take a logic class, cunt

If kids cannot consent to sex, then kids cannot consent to the punishment of having illegal sex, this is the most obvious thing ever. And the horrifying thing is that Stefanie is a “Parent”, which puzzles me because he’s saying that he’s ok with his kid(s) being charged with prostitution if they were abducted by pizzagate. This is the same guy who allegedly is against child abuse, if your own father sending you to prison for being exploited by child-pimps isn’t child abuse, then I don’t know what is.

Taking his idea that not punishing kids for committing a crime they couldn’t consent to incentivizes recruitment, I simply brought it to the logical conclusion:


I bet you couldn’t keep your orifices off grown men without threat of jail when you were just a little girl, stefanie link

And… that’s how I got #blockedbystephanie!



This “pro free speech”, “anarchist”, “libertarian”, “anti-SJW” motherfucker sure behaves like Steve Shives when push comes to shove and he has no real arguments. And just in case you were wondering why I keep calling him/her Stefan/Stephanie (because you happen to be the one principled SJW willing to defend the pronouns of psychotic cultist cis white males), it’s because of this:


Never forget.




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