Leather is good, because leather feels nice, looks nice, and is easier to clean than cloth. However, leather comes from the slaughter of animals.

If you are a normal human being, you’d think that given the obvious benefits of leather, it would be a no brainer to put more research into developing good faux leather or synthetic substitutes that have the good qualities of leather without the suffering of real leather.

However, if you are a moralist, you would say that faux leather – or pleather – is bad, because it glorifies leather and thus the suffering of animals.

Moralism functions on the basis of creating false dichotomies. Moralism says in sex your only choices are to either have sex and risk unwanted pregnancies and STDs, or do abstinence. Moralism says in war your only choices are to either put boots on the ground so that your casualties remind you war is bad, or use armor and technology to preserve the lives of your own and become unremorseful killers.

The problem with moralism is that moralism is short sighted. While normal people would demand that cars continue to incorporate better crash protection and prevention technology, moralists want cars to be less safe in order to scare drivers into driving more carefully.

If we actually implemented the policy tomorrow and stripped all airbags/crumple zones etc away from cars, the immediate effect would be positive: The disappearance of safety features would make drivers more careful… for a while. The problem is human nature is human nature and cannot be moralized away. Once society gets over the initial shock, death rates will rebound, and eventually surpass the previous death rates.

The dichotomous nature of moralism is a vicious tool, because moralism refuses to accept that the costs of progress can be mitigated. Moralism views the negative consequences of achieving our desires not as obstacles that can be elimintated, but as hard law. Those who practice moralism despise happiness and relief, because they lack the mental capacity to disassociate the benefits from the harms. They couldn’t have sex without risking pregnancies and STDs, they couldn’t obtain leather without the murder of animals, they couldn’t drive cars without risking their lives, and now they want you to suffer the same way they did.

Moralists are sick fucks.



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