I am Eric. I write raps, poems and songs sometimes. I make videos and music and blog articles. I was funny.

About this blog:

The blog is an outlet for me to post my extra long… thoughts that will otherwise annoy the shit out of my friends on facebook. Posts usually range between 500 and 1500 words (so about a 5 minute read), mostly opinion pieces relating to religion and philosophy or the occasional poem although being the free spirit that I am, I’ll write anything I feel inspired to (I’m unique like that). Currently I post frequently, you can count on a post every one or two days until I get a job or something :\

 I am heavily opinionated. My views:

I am a Free Speech hardliner. I believe that only through absolute freedom of information can society evolve and improve upon itself. Every problem people associate with free speech (eg. Child porn) can be solved in means other than undermining free speech (eg. Stop kid fiddlers from fiddling with kids).

I am anti-sensitivity. Hate speech laws are stupid and people who support them are faggot nigger cunts. (and if you think that by my using of those 3 words on my blog somehow increases the oppression of gays blacks and women, instead of say actual oppression of gays blacks and women, then congratz – you’re part of the problem.)

In terms of religion, I am a deistically agnostic atheist antitheist. Philosophically, I am agnostic about the existence of a god*, however I’m pretty sure even if there is a god he has never actively interfered with human life, thus rendering such a god irrelevant, therefore in practice I live my life as an atheist. I hold an anti-theist attitude, religion is bad for humanity and I hope that the issue will be phased out within my life time.

I am pro feminism, because I understand that feminism is about women’s rights and is also part of the larger human rights issue, and does not conflict with masculism. I also understand that Anita Sarkeesian’s idiotic crusade against videogames does not invalidate feminism any more than Greenpeace’s idiotic crusade against nuclear energy sources invalidates environmentalism. I am pro-feminism, but don’t consider myself feminist because I don’t actively partake in supporting women’s rights.

That being said, I am not an 100%  environmentalist. I would consider a more apt description to be “sustainablist“, as in I don’t care whether Mother Earth is green or brown, or whether endangered creepy snake #4 lives or dies, as long as Earth is comfortably sustainable for the human species. Once we invent the self sustaining space ship, you can blow up Planet Earth for all I care. In the mean time I guess there’s a lot of overlap between my beliefs and environmentalism, but I don’t have the idealism of certain hippie fuckheads, and have no illusions about the purpose of enviornmentalism.

I am pro abortion, and see it as an important element of population control and the human right not to procreate. I also understand that the rights of the already born are immensely more important than the rights of the pre-born, and that by giving birth in a disadvantaged environment to a unwanted child you are inhumanely forcing the newborn into a life of misery and poverty while fucking up the life of the unwilling parent. If it were up to me, it would be legal to euthanize any child before the age of 1 (given serious medical conditions etc). Besides, every birth is a punishment and added burden to society, it is statistically more likely for a newborn to become a welfare hog than the next Bill Gates, fact.

I am a scientific sexist and racist, as in I know that statistically a race or gender must be better at a specific task than another race or gender due to historical, biological and social reasons. I also know that racial profiling works when it has a solid basis, and I hate political correctness when it conflicts with the factual correctness, and I feel that society should work on making people’s feelings less fragile.

I am all for transparency, I feel that society would be completely improved if it became completely transparent. I feel that while privacy is necessary in the cruel modern dog eat dog world, I hope that eventually privacy would not be an ugly necessity that allows people to hide – society would be more tolerant if it came to terms with the reality of human nature, and dealt with problems by accepting it instead of trying to suppress it.

I prefer a preventative and rehabilitative justice system over a vengeance based system. I feel that punishment is not a completely successful deterrent for criminals, and ultimately society should work on the real root issues such as poverty and insanity etc. that cause crime in the first place. I also recognize that people have no control over their actions** and should not be liable for the suffering inflicted to them by punishment.

I am pro objective morality. I define the purpose of morality to be the self interest and thus welfare of all living (and to lesser extent future) members of the human race, and to that purpose I judge specific actions as moral or amoral based on the pros and cons of said actions and how much they benefit the purpose. Morality is not subjective given specific conditions. I will never make generalized statements such as “killing is always wrong”, but I will make a specific statement eg. “picking a healthy human pedestrian at random***, and then kidnapping him to torture him slowly to death by genital mutilation for the purpose of terrorism, is always wrong.”

I am pro socialism, I see nothing wrong with a “nanny state” – mechanization and automation and other more efficient processes are reducing labor costs of production and will continue to do so while population is increasing at the same time, and unless something new comes up unemployment is inevitable. Since everyone deserves a basic standard of living, it is also inevitable that “productive” members of society will have to help keep the “unproductive” members of society alive and well fed and happy. In return the unproductive will do their best to procreate less and be efficient in their consumption.

I am a transhumanist, I am all for improving the “human condition” through technology, machines, social and biological engineering. I know that we came from simple lumps of bacteria, and I know that the human race can transgress our present form into a much more resilient, potent and beautiful form and that process can be accelerated through the power of knowledge and science. I resent all forms of technophobia, although I understand it is a symptom of the uncertainly associated with the early technological transition phase (after all PCs were only popularized 30 years ago).

I am a logical determinist, a firm affirmator of cause and effect. History is inevitable, rolling a dice doesn’t create 6 alternate universes because there is only one outcome, people make choices not because they want to but because they have to because they are unable to choose the unchosen choices. I like logic, although not being very good at it.

I am anti captialism but pro currency because I recognize the importance of a universal value system that allows the comparison of apples and oranges. I also recognize that the CIA values the average American life at around 2 million dollars, and that its okay for them to do so as long as you don’t value those close to you the same value, because value is all subjective.

I am a pessimist about the present but an optimist about the future, I don’t particularly despise the present because although I hate it, I also understand that the present is a product of history, and honest history has a tendency to become generally less shitty as time progresses. I know that give humanity 200 years and it will become a complete utopian heaven, and I hate that such a future is out of grasp of my life time. People who think society is degenerating should be sent on a time machine so they can be reminded of why progression happens.

I despise the victim mentality and persecution complex in all its forms (even from actual victims), and see it as a tell-tale sign of evil. The victim mentality enables the oppressed to become the oppressors, it enables hate speech laws, it enables over-sensitivity, and it causes people to feel justified for violence, censoring speech, etc. All because the victim mentality makes people feel like society owes them. The Chinese Communist party for example used the victim mentality to justify the murder of uncompliant land-owners, and while I can’t vouch for the decency of any of those land-owners, I do know that there’s a good chance most of them didn’t deserve execution.

*when I say “a god”, I don’t mean any specific god of any religion, I just mean literally a generic (deistic) god – its for a fact that Abrahamic religions are completely false, I do not spend sleepless nights worrying whether or not I should pray to jesus or mohammed.

**people have no free will, all actions are influenced by something else. people are able to choose, but they can’t choose how they make choices and ultimately are not in control of their actions (which is how manipulation successfully happens). Philosophically crime is not the perpetrator’s fault, although punishing the perpetrator is the only way we know how to handle crime right now.

***nothing is really random. in context it means no obvious discernible reason.

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  1. Fuck you. Network (1976) is a great fucking movie and I won’t have you shitting on it. And there’s nothing wrong with being gay. Go suck on a lubricated horse cock mother fucker.

  2. Teenager trying to find yourself? you are a loser. Keep your opinions to yourself. Obviously an intelligent person, shame you are a complete twat. You’ll get a wake up call little boy.

  3. Just writing to say I stubled upon your blog by chance and I find it interesting, with a lot of opinions worth exploring and thinking about. Keep it up, more people should be taught to actually think.

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