my newest posts

Section 1: I think I’m a writer

Draft preview to my work in progress book that I’ll probably never finish

This is what I send to people during Christmas

No, nerds, I really am one of you. Look- I even wrote a biography for my roleplay character in that one awesome PC game that only a few people play

My first cease and decease letter 😄

A Kate Chopin pastiche (or parody, depending on your interpretation)

A film/play about the birth of the universe

Section 2: Diary of a piece of crap (me)

Birthday thoughts of a 16 year old who turned 16

Why Mitt Romney never stood a chance against that guy Obama

Why people should stop talking/writing about destiny

You have no free will. And this article tells you why.

I totally have nothing against those f…irel…ags?

If you are from Conneticut, you might be a little bit offended by this one

That one time I got banned by facebook

No, I really am mentally stable. But this is seriously a good movie.

A depression post

I don’t owe my dad nuttin’

Why a certain viral poem is WRONG

Section 3: Computers and technology in general

10 things computer companies and software developers need to get into their heads

Blame my microphone

Time outs on websites suck

Why is McAfee antivirus still making a profit???

When you buy that wireless-pci GPU in 2020, remember: I thought of it first.

Find out about the worst educational poster about computers ever.

The abuse of Google Glasses is a good thing

Letter from a pirate

Section 4: Me and flight simulators

How I use Microsoft Flight Simulator

Landing in MS Flight Simulator X in heavy crosswind using only a keyboard and mouse?!?

Secction 5: Bits n’ Pieces, random jokes etc. May contain traces of humor.

Random Post #1

Random Post #2: Random Facebook Crap

Random Post #3

Random Post #4: The longest and most disorganized bits n’ pieces ever. Lesson learnt, never do this again.

Random Post #5: Bits n’ Pieces

Random Post #6: 14 Discovery Freelancer related memes. May contain “inside” jokes.

OMG it worked – said anonymous to himself

Section 6: A Call For Action. Because I feel strongly about certain things too

The admin of the Facebook GTA page is a little c***

This is a joke article. A very edgy but nevertheless joke article (For legal Purposes)

Being creepy with Google Glasses is a good thing!

Section 7: Calm your boobies

The b**** was askin’ for it

Section 8: Religion

Criticizing Christians

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