The Mutant and the Man

A mutant hunches as he walks across An angry man behind him, jiving at his hunched figure The mutant is not polite, so he says Nothing. Can’t we live in peace. The mutant scrapes his foot backwards, heaving up Sand in the man’s face. The man grabs the mutant’s shoulder: You’re no match for me!…


He’d waved goodbye to his family

Trained brave to die for his country

Make haste to spy out the enemy

Said they, don’t trust what you see


If you ever wanna know who just became king The target of assassinate attempting I am 5 foot 10 inches of your wishful thinking. Couldn’t let reality sink in, stole a lift to the ceiling The more you know, the more you think you don’t Until you do All that proves is nothing, except you’re…


Occupy Central – a political poem

> I Occupy Central in Protest > The protests are highlighting the economic importance of Hong Kong as not another Chinese city. > The protests are highlighting that everyone wants universal suffrage and that everyone wants Democracy > The police use pepper spray and Tear Gas > The protests are gaining international support. > Therefore, it…

Iambic Pentameter

Listen to the draft recording here . Loved to write but wasn’t good at poetry Its easy to overlook what I know in what you see Because I never really paid attention, I sleep when they tried to teach me The fine technicalities Its okay though I still wrote great, when I couldn’t I faked…