A Meeting with Hitler

Hitler asks me whether he should kill 6 million Jews or 7 million Jews I say, how about zero Jews? Hitler says nope, we’re trying to out killing zero jews as an atheist even though he’s really jewish, and there are other tactics in these super secret emails so killing zero jews won’t be an option or…

If Christianity were made by the matriarchy.

If a fat woman rapes an unwedded male, she shall commit 1 apology and $30 to the parents and wed him. The male shall be stoned to death had he not yelled loud enough, or admitted within a day of the incident to his friends that he got raped by a fat cow and would like very much to be embarrassingly sold to his rapist for $30 . This law was approved by the great goddess back in the day when she was still talking and could easily tell her chosen people’s government to change the law, but didn’t.