A list of the downloads available for free (most are legal… or abandon-ware that nobody cares about)

If you want me to take down these uploads, feel free to send a cease and desist letter along with credible proof of content ownership and credible proof of your identity such as your social security number and bank account password etc, I will respond as soon as possible.


The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard (2013)  (24op recap format) (720p Bayfiles or torrent (tpb page) ) – This is an encode I did of TPB AFK to demonstrate the power of handbrake, x264 and the extreme file sizes you can get if you tweak it right.


Yan D Eric Rap Program – Or Yan DERP for short, a rap album I made recently.

The So Called Law of Gravity (320kbps mp3) – An extremely rare sarcastic song from the Bush era by “The Impeachables”, was available for free legal download at, however now you cannot find the song anywhere on the internet, whether for free or for pay. I thought it would be nice to keep this little reminder of the past around for history. Also, “intelligent propulsion” a nice play on “intelligent design”


Software Tools:

The handbrake preset used to make high quality low file sized encodes (x86 x64)


Flightgear v2.12 torrent with regional scenery and sorted aircraft and a custom installer – Completely legal, etcetera

Freelancer space sim with the Discovery 4.86 mod pre-installed – Seriously, the game is so old that abandon-ware piracy is the only way you can digitally obtain the game. Have fun waiting for your second hand disk that cost $4 plus $5 shipping with 1 month delivery, meanwhile I’m havin fun already. Supposedly GOG may or may not strike a deal with moneysoft in the future in regards to Freelancer… But the future doesn’t look optimistic. P.S. moneysoft just release the source code already!

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