Spammy Like

The spammy like is a not so innovative feature I’m introducing to this site that takes you through a spammy link (currently @dfly links) where I will be rewarded a small amount of money for every visitor who just has to stay on the @dfly page for 5 seconds and click continue. The link shortener itself has spam but I will never link to spam! @dfly claims its advertisments are family friendly, plus the ads themselves are blocked by adblock by default although I don’t know if I get any money from those clicks (probably not). The ads you may see occasionally on this blog (other than the existing @dfly spam) are solely advertisments from wordpress. They are very unintrusive, and I would suggest disabling adblock for all wordpress blogs because its wordpress (although I could switch to… maybe tumblr, blogspot is out of the question due to google’s anti free speech ness) that helps bring content like mine to you.

I will try to despam my blog in the coming weeks.

Call it greed, or whatever. But I want stuff*. Stuff such as money and things, and I’m not afraid to ask for it. I mean, maybe not face to face, but everyone loses a bit of shame behind the mask of the internets.

Besides, if I get enough $$$ (unlikely but meh) I could probably turn this into like a career or something, get my own website, write for a living….


*you’re better off donating to charity. I personally don’t recommend any religiously-affiliated charities or video game “charities” (I mean seriously these are sick kids/ veterans, just GIVE them the damn games it’s not like it costs you anything to make a digital copy, pfft), y’know, do some research and stuff.

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