lIce’s Shipyard

shipyardFirst inspired by Star Wars (duh) I liked drawing up and designing space ships as a kid, imagining what something I would fly would be like, because space ships are cool.

As my grasp of physics and stuff increased, I was of course a bit dissatisfied of existing science fiction space ships, and it just so happens that one of my hobbies is modelling random designs for vehicles on sketchup. The models aren’t by any means professional, but I think they do an ok job of conveying the core idea of the design, and of course every design will have a little description of it.

As I like to say, I like realism although not being very good at it. Thus everything is modelled to scale, some even feature “detailed” cockpits n seech.

I’ll be adding new ships to the shipyard every now and then, in the meantime here’s the youtube playlist to lIce’s Shipyard with videos where I explain the designs of vehicles I made.

Paint Illustrations: caravan

– Quad engine spaceshiptiltrotor– Tilt Rotor Turboprop Jet

flying soldier

– Flying Armored Soldier

codship–  Spacecraft with variable center of drag/center of lift

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